Nanomedicine is the medical application of nanotechnology, ranging from the medical applications of nanomaterials and biological devices, to nano-electronic biosensors, and future applications of molecular bio- and nano-technology, as well as drug delivery. Nanomedicine involves the issues related to applications, toxicity and environmental impact of nanoscale materials. Nanomaterials have sizes and structure similar to that of bio- and macro-molecules and their functionalization provide specific properties for tailoring precision medicine and application for many diseases, thus providing different therapeutic options for patients. Based on this, nanomedicine integrates different fields, such as biology, physics, chemistry, materials sciences, nanotechnology and drug delivery to have personalized medicines, to develop clinical tools and devices for advanced therapies to patients.

The 1st International Northern-Southern Europe Workshop in Nanomedicine aims to bring together a vast number of experts with a vast experience in the field of nanomedicines for the northern and southern part of Europe, but also worldwide to discuss and network on how to foster basic science in translational and personalized nanomedicine in drug delivery applications, including anti-cancer research, regenerative medicine, cardiovascular diseases, polymer and supramolecular chemistry towards a reliable pre-clinical and clinical assessment. Furthermore, this Workshop aims to highlight the impact of nanomedicine in pharmaceutical companies.

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